Risk management & Patient safety solution based on text analytics / NLP technologies

In the healthcare industry; medical records, radiology systems, surgery reports, and genetics applications accumulate a vast amount of clinical textual data that needs analyzing. Our system leverages NLP technology & AI predictions for data analysis, including MLP - MEDICAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING for event monitoring and management. Our solution offers a comprehensive range of capabilities, including defining risk management & patient safety events, examining medical records, monitoring hospitalization documents, surgery reports, discharge letters, radiology reports to detect quality events, and risk management. Additionally, our system classifies medical records according to medical standards codes, examines medical recommendations and checks their implementation. It also scans events in medical documents in accordance with JCI standard requirements. Revolutionize your healthcare organization with our state-of-the-art risk management & patient safety solution powered by NLP/text analytics and AI capabilities. Contact us today to learn more about how our system can benefit your healthcare organization.

Medical images cloud archive

Storage in the cloud environment is nowadays becoming a convenient, efficient and secure way to store clinical information with an emphasis on information required in real time by the medical teams regardless of their physical location and time zone. Storing information in the cloud enables the organization operational flexibility. Instead of storing the information on physical servers, disks and systems that require regular maintenance and upgrades and due to the widespread use of image files by radiologists and physicians', organizations prefer to move the management of the images archive to secured and accessible cloud environment. The Cloud environment enables the management of the storage space and security aspects automatically including DR facilities, without the need for annual purchasing and managing of the storage including the life cycle of the image files in the archive. Advantages of moving to the cloud: - Images and information availability for the radiologists and physicians in different locations and time zones. - Operational flexibility for updating the storage based on the organization needs. - Full Disaster Recovery environment. - Security and availability in the local cloud environments managed by the international providers. - Storage costs over the years.

Implementation of clinical information systems and digital transformation projects

Is your healthcare organization struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of systems renewals and technological initiatives ? We understand that it can be challenging to assign experienced teams to implement new methods, systems, and technologies while managing ongoing processes and systems. Our team of experts will collaborate with your organization to build a skilled team that knows how to achieve your goals and implement innovative initiatives by integrating cutting-edge technologies. With years of experience in managing and implementing complex information systems, including leading technologies, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. From project planning to project management, our team will ensure that all tasks are executed efficiently and effectively, seamlessly integrating with your organization's day-to-day operations. Let us help you keep up with the latest technology trends and streamline your healthcare organization's processes and systems. Contact us today to learn more about how we can partner with you.

Enterprise Report Management for Banks and Insurance

-Capture, catalog, archive and distribute reports in the various report formats -Web delivery and e-mail distribution of periodic enterprise reports and documents on various formats such as HTML, PDF, Excel, and more via portal desktop. -Archive, index and retrieval processes for historical enterprise reports and documents via portal desktop. -Management and retrieval of historical data (archive) while specifying number of report versions to be saved in the following manner: Versions to be saved on the Picom server (online versions) and versions to be saved by a backup/archive server. Saving history includes data compression. - On Demand data Transformation to Excel brings capabilities of immediate transfer of all integrated data from the reports to an Excel spreadsheet . -Navigating, searching and drilling down between reports, documents and images according to predefined business entities (customer, branch, accounts.) Hyperlink Technology. -Customer Centric View of reports and documents to support customer service activity. -Reports notifications enabling the user to add notes to the report entities, distribute notes via e-mail and support business processes. -Unique e-Folders creation around customers including; report segments, attachments (checks, contracts and letters) etc. -Automatic batch/on demand e-mail distribution of reports and documents to authorized users on PDF, HTML and Excel formats. -Automatic batch/on demand e-mail distribution of reports and documents to authorized users on designed letters. -Desktop portal viewer enables personalization per user/group of users, comprised solely of information relevant to the authorized user.