NLPicom - Text Analytics

Organizations today have large volumes of unstructured data from various communication channels like emails, text messages, social media newsfeeds, documents, applications and more. Organizations use NLP technology to automatically process this data, analyze the intent or sentiment in the message or document and respond / act accordingly. Healthcare organizations accumulate and store clinical textual information in their medical files, radiology systems, surgery reports and genetics applications. The need to analyze and clinically examine this data increases, therefore the use of technologies such as NLP/text analytics for textual information analysis expanded, including AI capabilities for prediction. Our company has developed a system for monitoring and managing risk and patient safety events based on MLP - MEDICAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING and this in combination with NLP / Text Analytics technology .

Cloud Archive

Storing information in the cloud enables the organization operational flexibility . Instead of storing the information on physical servers, disks and systems that require regular maintenance and upgrades, organizations prefer to move the management of the files and images archive to secured and accessible cloud environment. The Cloud environment enables the management of the storage space and security aspects automatically, including DR facilities, without the need for annual purchasing and managing of the storage including the life cycle of the image files in the archive. Advantages of moving to the cloud: - Images and information availability in different locations and time zones. - Operational flexibility, updating the storage based on the organization needs. - Full Disaster Recovery environment. - Security and availability in the local cloud environments managed by the international providers. - Storage costs over the years.

Picom ERM

Picom's Enterprise Report Management is a web-based content management solution for storage, archiving, retrieval, distribution and delivery of the corporate reports, statements and documents generated by the various business applications. Picom ERM creates centralized audit-proof repository with powerful search and retrieval capabilities to corporate reports, statements and documents via the portal desktop or e-mail. Picom's repository creates content integration layer, improves information accessibility and addresses issues of emerging regulations.